Who Are We?
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Updates Available January 21st 2005

Just a bit about who we are...


We are a group of moms, grandmothers, aunts who needed support and couldn't find it in our communities or the world wide web. DearestMom started out being a support group just for moms but as time went by we have come to notice that many more others than just moms needed support too! So we have branched out by having sisters, aunts, grandmothers and other females from groups who needed support and advice for themselves or others they knew that needed the same. Many moms and grandmothers come to the support group usually on a daily basis. They vent their frustrations, give advice, a friendly note or a kind prayer if needed. We truly have become caring friends and feel for eachother on what ever we are going through. Some days are quiet difficult where other days are more simpler to cope with. Having a grown child in the prison system is hard to comprehend at times and we look to eachother for guidance and a careing ear. We usually don't have to explain in detail because having the same in common bindes us together.

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