Photo Albums

Upload our own photos

The support site comes with a member tool to create your own photo album. It is not manitory to have a photo album. Only if you would like to show your group your personal photos or graphics. Not all members have uploaded a photo in a photo album.

What We Do?
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Checking the messages each day keeps one busy but...



Posted messages are forwarded to our e-mail

When you join DearestMom there is a site tool that enables your messages to be re-directed into your personal e-mail account. You may choose to have a digest of mail or simply view your mail at the end of the week. If you choose to not have your e-mail re-directed to your personal e-mail account  then you can simply view your message at the support site. There is a site tool to hide your e-mail address as well.


Multiple Messages on different message boards

If you want to post a message you may on any one of our multiple message boards. When you get to the site you will see a left hand column. In that column are many topics in which you can post a message. Members look forward to replies to their conversation and add new topics in the catagories when they get the chance.

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