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Prisoner To Friends was sadly closed by owner.. me!
Due to the fact that people who would post inmates addresses up on the site with good intentions but would not return to update the inmates address thus I did not want the wrong information posted for anyone who may want to write an inmate.
Off the net one gets very busy or forgets where they posted the inmate's information for a pen pal. I can understand this but in the same manner I could not have the wrong information posted on the site.

I'm glad you have arrived to the Halloween Site of DearestMom and PrisonersToFriends! I'd like to take a moment and tell you about our group if I may! You see I started the above support groups to help citizens in need. Now you may wonder what PrisonersTofriends is all about. I'll answer that for you.. PrisonersToFriends is a support group for those who have a loved ones and friends in the prison system and need support! Then there are the inmates that are trying to reform themselves and need to get in touch with civilization other than the inmates that are housed with them. If you have never been in the position of being in prison or being a loved one or a friend to someone in prison you simply would not understand where I am coming from with this message but if you would like to read on and try to understand then your more than welcome to continue reading on what I'd like to say! In prison there are certain inmates that want to change! Lets face it.. there is! Just because they chose to be in prison for one reason or another.. it's their choose. Some do go in prison because they can simply not live in our society because they either don't have the education or may feel like they are a failer and in saying...they commit crimes to please their peers or someone else. Then there is the ones who feel they have no support to their phycological problems and turn to drugs. They are the vunerable ones that could not find their way so they turned to drugs simply because it was introduced to them to ease their frustrations. As simple as we may feel that their frustration could have been solved they are weaker then us. Then their are the ones that commit burglery, BNE'S etc. What are they looking for? Well.. half of them are coleptomaniac and never helped! The other half is for self esteem that they could never channel to a more positive choice. Then there is the girlfriend or the boyfirend that just won't give up wanting more of the material things. A lot of BNE'S etc. is stemed by that or peer pressure. A place in society: Oh.. look what I got! And then they have friends because the friend wants a free-bee but won't do the crime themselves so they stay friends with the person who will. That person that is just trying to be a friend does not know that they are being used to commit the crime. They are too wrapped up on being the cool dude. If you have read this far.. I guess I've got your curiosity.. Good! There are all types of criminals out there but their crime stems from something that went wrong in their life. If they got to the that point of relizing why they have commit the crime they would not be in prison nor would they commit the crime.. they would change. Sure you feel that they are being treated good in prison. Hell no! I was a guard.. I know! There are the good guards but they don't have a job for long. Too nice. Too understanding. Come to that point.. fired! These guards do their job well. They guard as the are suppose too and they end up.. out... just because they are not cold and stern. Yes.. there are criminals that you have to be stern with.. but all in all the inmates know where the guard is coming from. They can tell a good guard or a bad guard. Did you know that if a fight is started some will place a bet on who wins and did you know that no matter how many times a certain inmate says please, thank you and yes sir or yes mam? Did you know this will not get him any where with some guards! The guard will still place the bet even though tha inmate was polite and respectful to that guard! For example: A guard would be able to do your count quicker and better if you got along and were sival with inmates. At least the inmates would stand still when you did the count! If a guard is not civil and ignorant the inmate(s).. believe me.. the guard won't get their count unless they ask another guard for some help! One on one end of the range and another on the other end. Then you meet in the middle to compare counts. You see.. society sees it this way.. You did the crime now do the time and the hell with you! No reform for you! Most of society has done a small crime in their life even if it is the tiniest thing! They never got caught! Did you forget to pay for something when you walked out of a store? Or did you park in a handicapp parking spot and were'nt handicapped? Were you speeding?The list goes on...!  Some inmates have done crimes since they were young and have build a career on committing crime only because they were not given the proper help. You think it is easy to get help in this world with all the red tape. Some inmates have been lucky only because someone has taken them under their wing and showed them how to live. Believe it or not..some want to be caught because of the way society is! You know something.. there is the odd story that is published in the paper, magazine etc. about an inmate turned priest or an inmate was taken in by his lawyer and he now works with the law firm. Gee... I wish that happened to my son because he is interested in law! These stories are not published to often. There is a reason for that. The public likes to read the good stuff. Catch the crimal.. put him in the clink. And then a citizen(s) go home and watch the Sopriano's and enjoy the show.. So.. you tell me! What's wrong here? No wonder their are people in jail.. totally confused. To make a point.. the internet chat is soon going to be registered with every user that is going to use it. Why.. our poor childrn are talking to people they don't know who they are! An open book to..! Everything has come out from the closet. Everyone has an opion but really no body stops long enough to stop all this mess. People have problems and need to be heard but everyone is too much in a rush. Pick a number is all they say! Rapists need help but are they heard. There is medication for them. People that are alchohlics can be given medication too.. but do they know that. Most of the prisons have turned out to be sanitariams but with no help for the inmate that needs it. You may think an inmate that needs methadone should not have it.. well your wrong. They do need it just the same as the one who needs insyline for diabetes! Same thing or they go back to the drug. The inmates that have a real head problem have to be locked up for our safety yes and they should be because they are not themselves. People like Mansfield. He reminds me like someone with rabies. There are those types. The other half that did not commit a crime as he..still get life or no chance of parole. Why? Why does society want to put then away like that? There is no proper justic or even care to sourt this mess out! Get the key and locked them all up is what I get from society but in the mean type people will always try to get something for a buck or for nothing. Tell me it's not true! A buddy got this CD player. Got it for cheap and zammm..you  want it because you don't have enough to buy a new one for your teenage daughter. To may wants and not enough of... be happy with what you have  Inmates don't like other inmates most of the time. Should'nt their be a question to that. Each inmate has their own problems. Some do not have family, Some have shut themselves out from the owrld simply because they have been through too many programs and not a person on that program understood the. Programs go by a statictic. A phycological profile. Either you fit into one of the profiles or you simply can not be helped. At times some inmates are labeled into a profile and other profiles are added in which labels them way above what they should be labelled. That's when this could become dangerous in the court system. A person could go away from a longer period of time just on speculation! Or simply because a person that diagnosed them came to a conclusion that infact they are all of that. When at times.. the person up on charges is not! Were is the justic there? Then what stems from that is the inmate must go through a number of programs that fit his diagnosed profile. Has is that to help them whensome of the diagnosing are wrong! Well.. my time is up and I hope that you understand a little more as to why some people join my support groups. They have to have some where to go to be heard and understood. They hhave family they love or a friend they love in prison. THIS IS WHY I STARTED THE SUPPORT GROUPS. The other side of the world does'nt know how it feels to have a loved one or friend in prison nor do the relize what a mother goes through. Some people wonder why a mother stands by her grown child. All I can say is... Wait till it happens to you! 

Anyone having a problem on how I expressed myself  well.. I have'nt finished yet.. so don't get all bias on me now.. I have had all kinds of tragidies in my life! Need I say more...!

Written by the Ghost Writer on behalf of those with a loved one or friend in the prison system. Let us pray for the victims of circumstance and misfortune...

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